Borough Councillor Updates

Alison J Foster

Borough Councillor for Harrold Ward Harrold, Odell, Carlton, Podington, Hinwick, Farndish, Wymington and Little Wymington

As Borough Councillor for Harrold Ward I would be pleased to hear from you if you have any issues or concerns you would like to raise with me.

I can be reached by telephone or email. My contact details are as follows:


Borough Councillor Updates 2017

AF Harrold Ward Update February and March 2017 The Bridge Podington and Wymington[1571].pdf February and March 2017 Download »
Borough Councillor's Update June 2017[9604].pdf June 2017 Download »
Borough Councillor for Harrold Ward - Update Wymington Parish July 2017[10737].pdf July 2017 Download »
Borough Councillor's Update Carlton August 2017[11824].doc August 2017 Download »
AF Harrold Ward Update Sept 2017[13059].pdf September 2017 Download »
November 2017[16156].pdf November 2017[16156] Download »

Borough Councillor Updates 2018

Borough Councillor's Update August 2018[51342].pdf August Download »
January 2018.pdf January Download »
Borough Councillor's Update April 2018[27881].pdf April Download »
Borough Councillr's Annual Report 2017-18[33370].pdf Annual Report Download »
AF Ward February March 2018[26955].pdf March Download »
Borough Councillor's Update October 2018[62878].pdf October Download »
AF Ward Update June and July 2018[40662].pdf June and July Download »
Borough Councillor's September.pdf September Download »
Council Update November 2018[2305843009219013780].pdf November Download »

Borough Councillor Updates 2019

October 2019.pdf October 2019 Download »
December 2019.pdf December 2019 Download »
March 2019.pdf March 2019 Download »
April 2019.pdf April 2019 Download »
January 2019.pdf January 2019 Download »
May 2019.pdf May 2019 Download »
June 2019.pdf June 2019 Download »
July 2019.pdf July 2019 Download »
August September 2019.pdf August September 2019 Download »

Borough Councillor Updates 2020

January 2020.pdf January 2020 Download »